I Am Always Hers: She is more than Worth It :-)

We used to do promises to each other by crossing our finger to each other like. It has been more than 1 and half year, and I remember each and everything of everyday spend together and talked about. Missing her and our small small things done together. Wanna be her lifetime photographer..
It doesn’t matter how long we lived.
What matters is how much we lived in those days.
“I’ll change myself for you.”
“I’ll do anything for you.”
“It’s my promise to you.”
“For eternity.”
“I am breathing for you.”
“I am living every single day for you.”
“You are mine and I am yours.”
“For eternity.”
“I now have no right on myself.”
“I have lived for you and will live for you.”
“You are my support and I am yours.”
“Our relationship is far behind our physical manifestation.”
“Our souls are connected.”
“When someone looks at my face.”
“he sees your face.”
“You are my refuge and I am your shadow.”
“You are my house and I am your abode.”
“You are my destination and I am your traveller.”
“I stopped at nothing but you
PS: She is the poem of my life and actually she is my life, my everything. She is beautiful and she is like a free bird. 
Those 9 months were the best days of life when She was with me in Bangalore, we were growing, we were together and Yes I want to be with her for the whole life. Now too, I am just waiting for her , Wake in the morning and see her, go to sleep in the night after seeing her (wallet me hamesha hai) and wait for her message, call and mail everyday and night. She is always there in my “Prayers”.

Thodha pagli hai ar me thodha pagla hu. agar vo dheet hai to me bi.. will never give up on her and our relationship

Just care for her very much. I know she is my strong, independent woman but just care for her very much as I love her. 

Can fight for her with anyone for anything but unpe kabi aanch nhi aane dunga kabi bi.

unki madness ar mood swings me samjhta hu unko, ar kuch bi karti hai bolti hai gussa narazgi har chij me, always dr for her,  standing for her, waiting for her, support her and mail her to guide her in things wait krta hu ar karta rahunga, pta nhi mere mails padhti hai ki nhi but i have changed and will change myself for her  agar kuch kamiyan hai to and for betterment of our relationship, really happy and thankful to Waheguru ji that she came in my life, She has already become my wife, will always be. bas vo jaise hai waise hi rahe boht achi hai..

ar meri madness matlb jo me unse pyar karta hu and do for her unke muh se nikalne se phle and before she realizes, realize ho jata hai. Available for her 24*7 kabi bi for anything.

I know unka pyar pucca hai ar mera bachpana sacha hai.

She is my teacher who correct me everywhere and teach me english, we always learn things from each other in a relationship, from our mistakes and move forward together.

I don’t know why she blocked me from everywhere, why she has sent me that video link, its okay, she can do anything with me, I am all hers, unke boht jada mood swings hote hai but I understand her and respect her, her thoughts, each and everything.  I would have gone to meet her and talk to her, I wanna see her, hug her tightly and kiss her but I have promised and swear on her that Il not come till she give me the permission or she wants to meet or till it is officially declared. I don’t have any complaints and will never bi because I love her a lot. 


I may not be worth for her right now, but working very hard for her and for our future. Want to fulfill her dreams, interest, be with her and support her in all her dreams, interests. Bas vo jo karna chati hai vo kare, nothing else i want. She is the best..

At words

“Kaise katti ho jati thi”, kasma pe cross kr lena, hath dikhana sikhaya mene unko whats app pe, uska itna fayda uthaya kabi bi hath dikhake bhaag jati thi.. ar fir baad me aati thi ar bolti thi sorry sorry, me bi na pagal hu bhul gyi thi 🙂 hahahahahahahahaa.. Boht miss kar rha hu” She is the only one and will always be ……

Want to come and meet, be with her on her Birthday. Want to gift her one very special thing, I know she will be really happy after that!!

Will you allow me my dear to come?

or we can plan to meet somewhere else jab bi aap bolo, want to be with you and talk to you, spend that whole day with you!!


–  Deep


Don’t Get Blinded By The Constant Flow of Negative Energy


Forget the mistakes and faults because they are too little in front of the Good things we did.

A few days ago, while reading a magazine I stumbled upon an article on body shaming. The dictionary meaning of this term is the practice of making of critical comments about a person’s weight. In spite of increasing awareness, we fail to accept people the way they are. We judge them for the way they look or dress.

In India, right from childhood, we face demeaning comments from our peer, which as time goes by, become more and more humiliating. Such insults results in extremely low self-confidence and hampers a person’s self-worth. We should learn to accept people around us for the way they are, respect an individual for his behaviour and character. For those who are at the receiving end of this humiliation, I have one advice: Turn a deaf ear to such remarks; you are beautiful the way you and you need no validation from others.

To quote writer Steve Maraboli, “Your Beauty, just like your capacity for life, happiness, and success, is immeasurable. Day after day, countless people across the globe get on a scale in search of validation of beauty and social acceptance. Get off the scale! I have yet to see a scale that can tell you how enchanting your eyes are….. how wonderful your hair looks when the sun shines its glorious rays on it. I have yet to see a scale that can thank you for your compassion, sense of humour, and contagious smile. Get off the scale because I have to yet to see one that can admire you for your perseverance when challenged in life.”

Unless you accept the way you are, you cannot blame others for not accepting you. There is beauty in everything; it’s just that we get blinded by the constant negative energy flowing towards us.

You can’t feel anything right that love that care if you are thinking in a wrong and negative direction, finding that one fault out of 100 positive things about him/her, even that person gives up his/her happiness for you, cares and love you the most, can do anything for you. So, just let that negativity goes off. Love never let you bound yourself, it always motivates you to be a free bird and be the best. Never forced you to do what you don’t want, but always say to to do what you want. Nothing is bigger than forgiveness and sacrifice in Love..

DeepHasi 🙂

She Is Everything !!

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She is Everything to me

A Beautiful Woman who’s heart

Is as beautiful as she is,

My Fashion Statement, My Lifestyle

She is the sweetest person I have ever met.

A walk with her

is the best I had ever

When she hold my hands forever.


Her love is so true and most,

That she is already embedded in me as “Hasi”

it makes me love her more and more everyday,

And about her, I always have something to say.


She is my Prayer

Which  I always do

When I wake up and before I go to sleep,


She is an angel

I was not looking for anyone

But turned out to be everything

I was looking for.


She is the one whom I like

To see, Firstly on every morning

She is the voice which I like

To hear, Firstly on every morning.


She is my second, my time

She is my day, my night, my dreams

She is the weekend that is like

Should never end.


She is creative, she is the most passionate

My sweetheart who wants to

Live everyday on a new note

And who like to dress up for me each day

I like to capture her and her smile everyday

With always a new outfit

Each of which looks on her, the best


She is a photo in my wallet

She is a “Hasi” in me, on my body

She is my wife, my unborn children’s mother,

She is my best friend, soul mate who always

Sits beside me, talk to me freely about anything she wants

And For whom, me on my knees, can always wait.


She is everything to me and for me

Has become my life to live with and share

Happily moving as an adventurous journey by talking, walking, moving,

Outing, shopping, eating and roaming around everywhere

Together making each second and day a new remember able moment to live again.


She is my freedom

I want her to grow each day

With her strong will power and independence

And I’m always there besides her

To protect from bad ends.


But ,

She is very much angry right now,

And I can’t even disturb her by calls and messages

From her studies and sleep,

I can bear that pain at my back when she leaves me like that

But Very difficult and almost can’t live without her who has become my breath

Will never be complete without her

Il be waiting…………

Because she has promised to live the whole life

And also the every next birth with me ..


She is everything !!!!!

My inspiration, motivation, happiness,

My true love and life.




At The Window – Again


It started around three months ago, I never searched for anyone anywhere in life and I didn’t ask for  anything from God but it was finally written for me to come back to Bengaluru as I got my life – Hasi ♥ to live happily with. She is so special that I want to live this life everytime I will take birth.

“A Walk To Remember ♥” gave the actual push and start to life. I didn’t and never thought of going, seeing my life in the morning at one of the special place of our life – “The Window ♥”. Actually, I was not able to live the very single next day without seeing her after that two days morning walk and in that just two days, she became my habit of been seeing her on a very first go in the morning as that two special days were like a beautiful breeze that made my life to live with. I was having the feeling that something will be there in the morning waiting for me that will make up my whole day.

Again, God made situations and circumstances like that, I was not able to see her in the night due to one problem she faced after trying my best running for her but said that I will be there on the very early morning to see her as soon as possible when she will wake up and she replied “Yes”. The place was where there was no one around, only “She & Me”, her beautiful face, me standing beneath her room, watching her at the special part of her room and our life “The Window ♥”. Beside some problem, she had that beautiful smile as always on her face which will put Hasi on my face 🙂 . That place where all trees around, a perfect beautiful straight road opposite to the campus, cool wind, peace around, I felt that She is my life and only one for whom I got the courage, will power to do anything. I didn’t sleep actually the whole night and she said to come backside at “The Window ♥” of her room and I was like seeing her felt so good in front of my eyes.

From that day, it started – A walk from my room to the place where I can see my “Morning Rise – A beautiful Morning ♥”. All what started was, sharp at 7 am in the morning, I will reach there to see “Her” with Hasi on my face through that “The Window ♥”. We both used to look and smile at each other and with that smile on her face, I used to give a flying kiss to her and in reply she did the same which I used to capture inside myself ♥. We can’t speak standing out there but used to give a smile seeing each through the window by talking with the messages. The reason behind not verbally speaking to each other was that just below her room, hostel incharge lives, to avoid the unusual consequences, but without fear or anything, I used to wake up, walk towards that peaceful road to see her at “The Window ♥”. That place is so peaceful and beautiful that we could understand each other through our actions, lips, smile and heart ♥. I never thought that someone will wait for me but she used to do that always standing out there ♥.

It was this very special “The Window” , a special day when I got down at my knees on that road and proposed her as she was standing at her window. That feeling cannot be expressed in words but was really true ♥.

God always test you and your true love in life as situations and circumstances arises but we always have to face them and grow stronger with never ending and ever increasing love ♥. Again, our daily start of the day at “The Window ♥” was stopped. That “The Window ♥” is everything for both of us as we used to meet there day and night. Whenever she used to get angry with me, I used to go and stand there beneath her window, used to call her and sometimes in the evening whenever I used to feel hungry, she used to throw “Mumma ke hath ki pinnia ♥” from “The Window ♥” and I used to catch the same.

But from there something was stopped and something new started, which I always wanted to and used to wait for that since early morning. I always wanted t hear her beside seeing her in the morning when Il wake up and before we go to sleep. I told her about this and she started doing the same from the very next morning happily by calling me in the early morning after waking up and in the night before going to sleep. I was really happy and will always get a smile to hear her – My love, My Morning, My Night and Everything.

I Thank God for all these, as I always wanted to see and hear her on waking up in the morning.

And finally, The Day came again when God wanted us to meet at the same beautiful place what we called it as “The Window ♥”. Yesterday, before going to sleep, when she called me up, and we were talking, suddenly I got a wish to see her in the morning at “The Window ()” where we used to start our day and she replied “Yes” on a very first go on my request without any hesitation. In excitement of that moment to live again, I told her that will wake her up at 5 am as she used to do the same. I got up at 5 am, called her, she slept again, called her again at 6 am, went to physical training and came back running to see her at the “The Window” at 7 am but got late by 7 minutes as she was waiting for me and was getting late to get ready for the college. Again, that same smile on both of our face and that flying kisses will always kill me and gives that hope on a positive note of a beautiful day ahead. “Just Awesome ♥”.

All what, I again started my back exercises and push ups after seeing her at the window before starting my actual day 🙂

I want to thanks her for always being with me and for being my life with whom my Morning starts, day ends in the night followed by her dreams.

The day “At the Window ♥ – finally came again” to put our “Love” on a new height and hope it increases with each day coming in our life.”

Can’t wait to see her dress up for me, describe her and she was there with that Pink A-line kurti and green skinny pajama with my favourite “Fish Tail Braid” ♥


Life – A coin


There are two sides to a coin. You either choose heads or tails, when a coin is tossed and based on that you either win or lose. Similarly, there are two sides to life; truth and lie.

The difference is that in life, you can win only when you chose truth. Lie will not get you anywhere in life, but will make you lose. So just make your life fruitful by living with truth.


Greatness within !!


There is a greatness which lies within everyone and is felt by others except us.

This greatness comes out in the form of good deeds. The most beautiful part of this greatness can be felt by us at the end when we have achieved our dream, i.e. success. That’s the beauty of greatness.

DeepHasi 🙂

Don’t be Greedy !!

Don't be Greedy

There are two things in life, needs and deeds.

Whoever works on needs is greedy. And whoever works on deeds is steady in life.

So, just work on deeds and your needs will be automatically fulfilled.

DeepHasi 🙂

Hidden Facts

Each day is filled with some hidden facts and reality.

When you wake up, you pray that you are blessed with happiness and whatever you do is taking you to your destiny. Similarly, when you go to sleep, you pray and say thanks that your day went good.

‎So, whatever you have done in a day towards your destiny are hidden facts and whatever you prayed becomes a reality. So, just do it and pray.








Lighten Up


I am Waiting – “The Hindu”

There is one small but very very special and important memory of few days back which I wanted share here and express myself 🙂

On 22nd Jan, her last day before she flew back to her home town “Ludhiana I wanted to seat with her for the whole day and yes that Happened which I am missing from last 1 week 🙂 It was as usual one of our lecture from all the subjects in which she came out from our group and joined my group and I was really happy at that time, and so this time also, she sat with me in my group 🙂 I used to sleep and get bored as she also used to be in that lecture in her group but from the day we started together in the group, and specially on that day, that lecture, we both don’t know how it went away, the whole time, as if we need to more time to sit like that, yes of course me wanted that 🙂 because I was going to miss her for the next whole week..

We were talking, and talking by writing in the newspaper and notebook. It was really interesting and memorable sitting in front of lecturer and talking like that to each other 🙂

These are the texts written by her and me on the newspaper (The text written with pencil is her handwritten handwritten and with pen by me).

A Small shayari for her 🙂

That’s her heart 🙂

She says ” I am Mad”

We were just smiling looking into all these and at each other and seriously for me whenever she is there with me, I forget everything else around me because “She is Like a Whole World for me” as my Mom, Dad and Sis 🙂

She always look beautiful but on that day, she was looking damn good with that top, pallazo and wedges 🙂 I am just Lov’in it. And at that time I wrote some 4 lines for her depicting her presence. It is really funny but she smiled seeing that, I just always want to smile on her face 🙂

Proper Patola 🙂

I told her that I want to share, don’t wanna hide anything from her when she will be back, but she was like she wants to know everything now and today 🙂 haha, she is just awesome.

See these –

She is a complete package – My Mam 🙂
She is ziddi but I like each and every character of her, whatever she speaks and she do 🙂

She said me – It Hate You and she always says like that but I love that also 🙂 and see what I made out of that I Hate You –

Whatever she says – I Love that 🙂

That was really funny which happened on that day and it again came into our mind when I wrote that above.

I was booking cab for her as she has to leave for the Airport on the next day and while calling this happend –

Actually I saved her family contacts in my mobile few days before when we went for an outing, our first and beautiful outing together 🙂 but forgot to save her Dad’s number and I also took cab driver number on the same day for booking the cab in future and I didn’t save that also. I called on that unknown number dialled by me on that day – That was a big mistake converted into funny incident and yes I felt bad too at that time because because my mistake because I never thought of talking her Dad like that.

I called and her Dad picked up the call.

Me – Hello!! Uber se bol rahe hai aap

Her Dad – Nahi, Aap kaun bol rahe hai.

Me – Aap Uber se bol rhe hai.

She was putting her words from background and joking – Nahi “Upper” se bol rahe hai. Haha 🙂

Her Dad – Lundhiana se bol rahe hai, Uber se nahi 🙂 haha

I was just stunned at that time hearing that word – Ludhiana her home town and got the feeling Pucca Dad ko lag gya call 🙂 haha

I was like – Ab to gya and hearing that ludhiana word, I immediately cut the call and confirmed that number from her. She said – Its Papa mobile number. Ohh noo

I said I will call him again and will say sorry for this mistake..

She said, she will call and I said I will call, it was happening like this for 2-3 minutes and finally I called Dad and said – Hello!! Satsriakal Uncle Ji. Sorry Uncle Ji, cab book kare rhe the, galti se apko lag gya, He is so cool and replied – Koi ni Beta, karo ji karo 🙂

I can’t forget that Friday 22nd Jan 2016 Because of all these moments happened on the front page  ” The Hindu” and the yes of course she wrote A very beautiful Poem out of her happiness which was the most special moment of the day – I can’t believe that she wrote in 5 minutes of max time sitting beside me, A Poem which I will always remember an is embedded in heart – Which is She – My Love 🙂

I just controlled my tears coming ou in the class and didn’t tell her about that – I am going miss her a lot and I was indulging her till the next day each and every time in one or the other talks so that Her mood is good and she keeps on smling but as she just sat in the flight, and plane took off, I was not able to control, and that poem was there in mind all the time thinking about her, and told her to post it as soon as possible depicting depicting her happiness 🙂

This is the poem she wrote on that Day and that is just awesome because She is awesome and ” A Beautiful Fashion Statement ” 🙂


I really love this poem 🙂
I call her – “Hasi” as I always want a smile on her face

“Hasi” in Hindi means ” A Big smile on face” 🙂

I waiting for her and These things to be back soon 🙂

  • Deep (With Love)

Blessing In Disguise

Every step of life is important, whether it is towards the right path or towards the wrong path. The difference is, a step towards the right path becomes your ‎destiny and goal, but a step towards the wrong path becomes a mistake of life.

That mistake can actually be converted into a blessing by learning from it. A real hero is the one who can learn from the mistakes and move forward towards a Goal.1

Lighten up