I Am Always Hers: She is more than Worth It :-)

We used to do promises to each other by crossing our finger to each other like. It has been more than 1 and half year, and I remember each and everything of everyday spend together and talked about. Missing her and our small small things done together. Wanna be her lifetime photographer..
It doesn’t matter how long we lived.
What matters is how much we lived in those days.
“I’ll change myself for you.”
“I’ll do anything for you.”
“It’s my promise to you.”
“For eternity.”
“I am breathing for you.”
“I am living every single day for you.”
“You are mine and I am yours.”
“For eternity.”
“I now have no right on myself.”
“I have lived for you and will live for you.”
“You are my support and I am yours.”
“Our relationship is far behind our physical manifestation.”
“Our souls are connected.”
“When someone looks at my face.”
“he sees your face.”
“You are my refuge and I am your shadow.”
“You are my house and I am your abode.”
“You are my destination and I am your traveller.”
“I stopped at nothing but you
PS: She is the poem of my life and actually she is my life, my everything. She is beautiful and she is like a free bird. 
Those 9 months were the best days of life when She was with me in Bangalore, we were growing, we were together and Yes I want to be with her for the whole life. Now too, I am just waiting for her , Wake in the morning and see her, go to sleep in the night after seeing her (wallet me hamesha hai) and wait for her message, call and mail everyday and night. She is always there in my “Prayers”.

Thodha pagli hai ar me thodha pagla hu. agar vo dheet hai to me bi.. will never give up on her and our relationship

Just care for her very much. I know she is my strong, independent woman but just care for her very much as I love her. 

Can fight for her with anyone for anything but unpe kabi aanch nhi aane dunga kabi bi.

unki madness ar mood swings me samjhta hu unko, ar kuch bi karti hai bolti hai gussa narazgi har chij me, always dr for her,  standing for her, waiting for her, support her and mail her to guide her in things wait krta hu ar karta rahunga, pta nhi mere mails padhti hai ki nhi but i have changed and will change myself for her  agar kuch kamiyan hai to and for betterment of our relationship, really happy and thankful to Waheguru ji that she came in my life, She has already become my wife, will always be. bas vo jaise hai waise hi rahe boht achi hai..

ar meri madness matlb jo me unse pyar karta hu and do for her unke muh se nikalne se phle and before she realizes, realize ho jata hai. Available for her 24*7 kabi bi for anything.

I know unka pyar pucca hai ar mera bachpana sacha hai.

She is my teacher who correct me everywhere and teach me english, we always learn things from each other in a relationship, from our mistakes and move forward together.

I don’t know why she blocked me from everywhere, why she has sent me that video link, its okay, she can do anything with me, I am all hers, unke boht jada mood swings hote hai but I understand her and respect her, her thoughts, each and everything.  I would have gone to meet her and talk to her, I wanna see her, hug her tightly and kiss her but I have promised and swear on her that Il not come till she give me the permission or she wants to meet or till it is officially declared. I don’t have any complaints and will never bi because I love her a lot. 


I may not be worth for her right now, but working very hard for her and for our future. Want to fulfill her dreams, interest, be with her and support her in all her dreams, interests. Bas vo jo karna chati hai vo kare, nothing else i want. She is the best..

At words

“Kaise katti ho jati thi”, kasma pe cross kr lena, hath dikhana sikhaya mene unko whats app pe, uska itna fayda uthaya kabi bi hath dikhake bhaag jati thi.. ar fir baad me aati thi ar bolti thi sorry sorry, me bi na pagal hu bhul gyi thi 🙂 hahahahahahahahaa.. Boht miss kar rha hu” She is the only one and will always be ……

Want to come and meet, be with her on her Birthday. Want to gift her one very special thing, I know she will be really happy after that!!

Will you allow me my dear to come?

or we can plan to meet somewhere else jab bi aap bolo, want to be with you and talk to you, spend that whole day with you!!


–  Deep


She Is Everything !!

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She is Everything to me

A Beautiful Woman who’s heart

Is as beautiful as she is,

My Fashion Statement, My Lifestyle

She is the sweetest person I have ever met.

A walk with her

is the best I had ever

When she hold my hands forever.


Her love is so true and most,

That she is already embedded in me as “Hasi”

it makes me love her more and more everyday,

And about her, I always have something to say.


She is my Prayer

Which  I always do

When I wake up and before I go to sleep,


She is an angel

I was not looking for anyone

But turned out to be everything

I was looking for.


She is the one whom I like

To see, Firstly on every morning

She is the voice which I like

To hear, Firstly on every morning.


She is my second, my time

She is my day, my night, my dreams

She is the weekend that is like

Should never end.


She is creative, she is the most passionate

My sweetheart who wants to

Live everyday on a new note

And who like to dress up for me each day

I like to capture her and her smile everyday

With always a new outfit

Each of which looks on her, the best


She is a photo in my wallet

She is a “Hasi” in me, on my body

She is my wife, my unborn children’s mother,

She is my best friend, soul mate who always

Sits beside me, talk to me freely about anything she wants

And For whom, me on my knees, can always wait.


She is everything to me and for me

Has become my life to live with and share

Happily moving as an adventurous journey by talking, walking, moving,

Outing, shopping, eating and roaming around everywhere

Together making each second and day a new remember able moment to live again.


She is my freedom

I want her to grow each day

With her strong will power and independence

And I’m always there besides her

To protect from bad ends.


But ,

She is very much angry right now,

And I can’t even disturb her by calls and messages

From her studies and sleep,

I can bear that pain at my back when she leaves me like that

But Very difficult and almost can’t live without her who has become my breath

Will never be complete without her

Il be waiting…………

Because she has promised to live the whole life

And also the every next birth with me ..


She is everything !!!!!

My inspiration, motivation, happiness,

My true love and life.