Romance of Subtlety- The Blush Room

Source: Romance of Subtlety- The Blush Room


Romance of Subtlety- The Blush Room

What is beauty without flaws anyways? “Boring!”.

Flaws are what make you, YOU! And what better way to make them your own? Well, put on some makeup and let ’em shine. Let the world see, the real you. I may sound like a lunatic. Makeup highlights flaws?!! Well, yeah! Duh!

Makeup doesn’t always need to be ‘a cakey piece of sh*t’. It should be something that brings out the beauty, the rhythm and the flaws which so coherently conjoin to make you, the real YOU!

Well, I happened to meet someone who really changed my vision about makeup as an art. She not only made me fall in love with myself, but also let me be me. I’m talking about the newest and the most flamboyant of ’em all, Mehak Makhija, the woman behind the-soon-to-be-an-extravagant-brand, The Blush Room!


The pictures are a proof already of her unmatched talent…

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