Pakistan Kills 2, India Kills 2…

Its not just about India and Pakistan. Its about Why all these? Being a human, where is the Humanity gone. Actually, it is lost between higher bad powers sitting everywhere running bad politics just for the sake of themselves. Its lost between all those black walls and boundaries

Hasmeet Writes

I was going about with my morning routine; tea, breakfast and reading newspaper. Then I came across this picture which moved me to tears….

An innocent kid weeping incessantly over the mutiliated body of his father. The question isn’t here who did it. The question here is why? And for how long????!!!
Pakistan kills 2, India kills 2.
Children from both sides become orphans. Women from both sides become widows. Hostility grows. And for what? Only to satiate the egos of a few politicians? What personal enmity you and I have with Pakistan? Or what personal enmity does a kid or even an adult in Pakistan has with us? Nothing!
But this killing is unstoppable. Blood is shed over and over again. We discuss this over and over again. But who listens?
Hate has made us hopeless maniacs. We follow the herd and join the ‘I Hate Pakistan’ club. Without…

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