Morning With Hasi.. Face And Fight Against It With Your Strong Will Power (Keep A Smile)

There is a simple theory in life. And there is no substitute to it. It is either sink in it or let it go with your inner strong will power.

Turbulence will be there in life sometimes and without it, life is nothing.  Let us use it in a positive way as an opportunity.

Hope, positive attitude and strong will power is the only way to face it and let it go. 

Live happily the moment you are in by working what is there right now wothout sacrificing on your interests …

Be a free bird, read and write poems, articles whatever you like the most, what you feel can heal you up. Because I only happiness , sharing , caring, love and your interests can make you overcome that inner turbulence.

A Bird that fears turbulence can never know that how high it can fly.

You are my strong free bird who has that will and power to live in the present , overcome every struggle and situation by living happily .. Just keep that smile on your face and throw out that inner turbulence. It’s nothing just a test which you have to pass by being calm, compose, strong, happy, living in the present without sacrificing on your interests , for that you have to be disciplined, yoga, meditation, exercises, sleeping early and waking up early. 

INNER TURBULENCE lead to only Anger.

But your inner peace will make you remain undisturbed by inner turbulence. That inner peace will only come when you will smile and be happy. Let it go.


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