Morning With Hasi (Smile)

I love being with you, no matter where we are and in whatever situation

It’s always a morning with you and night with you..

Love, care and understanding each other is the only powerful tool which can destroy the evil within you that is anger, and misunderstanding. 
For all, promises are made to be broken but I thought for us, when we make promises with our very first fingers, it’s a feeling of truth. 

Don’t break promises again by leaving like this someone you love the most in a situation where …..

With so much struggle, didn’t have a mark on the face, always motivating, supporting in each and everything , understanding the situation, waiting for you always.. 

Please try to understand the person by talking to him, understanding the other side of the coin instead of leaving in anger.

Keep on writing, keep up the spirit and have a great day.

Love you sweetheart ♥

Come back please 🙏


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