Princess Diana’s death- Conspiracy theories

A good description of actually what would have happened and must read conspiracy theory of Princess Diana’s death. Hats off for such investigation and work put into this write up.
Keep on writing my dear 👍

Hasmeet Writes

Lady Diana Spencer, a shy teenager and a kindergarten teacher, had a fairytale wedding with the future king of England, Prince Charles. After dating for six months, Lady Diana became The Princess of Wales.


Princess Diana gave her youth to the Royal family. She was married early at the age of 20 and barely four months later, announced her pregnancy. But her sweet dream came to an early end when she came to know about the affair between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. Diana and Charles’ marriage hit rock bottom when Diana entrusted a journalist, Andrew Morton, with the secrets of her marriage which he later published in a book in 1992, called ‘Diana- Her true story’. Princess Diana’s title, ‘Her Royal Highness’ was taken away in 1993. Diana started dating an Arab businessman Dodi Fayed. On the tragic night of 31st August, 1997, when Diana and Dodi were leaving…

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