A Jaded Bird

Its time which teaches you everything my dear. And its love which heals up everything. A Jaded Bird is ready to fly again like a strong and free bird who has enough courage to face the different situations and difficulties in life. Its just you have to believe in yourself and do the best in whatever situation you are. Never, Never and Never give up, be happy and enjoy every moment like never before. Just stay in touch with your interests along with anything you are doing in present. And thanks for writing a blog post. A great poet and Grateful heart. I know you are the best.
All the best.. May God bless you 🙂
Hasi be happy always. kEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND DO THE WORK.

Hasmeet Writes

Dusted feathers,

But a burning heart.

Life is yearning,

For a restart.

They Dictate,

And I hear.

Oh! How I wish,

To burst in tears.

It ain’t a debacle,

That’s for sure.

Then why do I feel,

My spirit’s tore

Had my eureka moment,

Embraced it warmly.

Sitting in a cubicle,

Waiting calmly.

Doing my bit,

But the door is nowhere.

That will fulfill,

My longstanding prayer.

One day,

I will brush my feathers.

Reach for heavens,

And live in a mellow weather.


H ❤

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