Chronicles Of My Nana

Since time immemorial, I’ve lived under the lovely shade of my maternal grandparents. I call them Badhi Mumma (elder mother) and Papa (father). No matter how many blog posts I dedicate to the…

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Chronicles Of My Nana- 2

The best, sweet, an epic and the most beautiful I have ever read and felt.

Its like blessings for you as you wrote for Nana ji putting all the emotions, feelings for him and family for the second time.

I want express that I lost my Nana ji when i was very young but remembered all the moments spent with him and shared some of them with you, but there are lot.. and Want to say I always said that he is my Nana ji, just wanted to meet him and when I met him for the first time, spent the two days some of the time with him, you and Nani ji, felt the same and see my Nana ji in him that smile, and talk..all the same which I remembered about Nana ji… That funny moments and jokes on small small things by Nana ji and Nani ji, their short romantic small small talks, and what all he is feeling which he used to do with you all. It was all like cant express in words touching his feet and legs felt the real blessing he gave as Nana ji used to, didnt came to know, how time went sitting there with him and Nani ji.. Nani ji ke saath vo mirchi wali baat krna… I wish I could have been there spending eve with Nana ji. And I wish you spend the same time as you did with him soon, as you said he was talking about that stuff on Nehru and Mod on last sunday.really felt good to hear all that… that coffee time, and everything… He will get well soon. Everything will be fine with time.
Just spend most of the time with him

And When hasmeet writes, all what we feel the real emotions and experiences, the reality..
All the best and keep on writing..

Nana ji – Aap thikh ho jao jaldi se ar bas aise hi smile krte raho 🙂
Wanna see you soon..

Hasmeet Writes

A day after my birthday, on September 17, he took me and my brother to a stationery shop to buy me gifts. I was a nerd and hence bought a cool Harry Potter exam cardboard and a few gel pens. I was in the seventh grade back then.

A year later, he took me to another stationery shop to buy me pens. We spent some half an hour there and in the end I bought an 8 rupees pen. He laughed at me saying that 8 rupees weren’t enough for the amount of hard work the shopkeeper put in to show me all kinds of pens.

He has the most childlike laugh. My nana, the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. He has got a hearing problem, but that isn’t an obstacle to us having fun. He cracks the funniest of jokes and laughs loudly. Oh! How I miss…

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So, here is the day of – My Fashion Statement 😊 Happy Birthday♥

Thank you Muma, Papa and God for this day as I have got my “Life” on this day.

Thank you very much.

She is everything to me and will remain whatever she do to me ar will do.

Today it has been 9 months that we both went for the first time outside and shopped a lot. ate a fish, chicken, i ate for her and doc ne bola tha unko khilane ke liye esliye liya tha. forever 21, coffee , we did everything on this day in January.

I just wanna say that she is the most Genuine and most trustworthy woman in the World on whom I believe and trust more than I do on myself.

She is my wife, my Hasi, my bestie, and my everything in her I see the character of Mother, my best friend and my wife.

But before all these, she is the strong and independent woman.

Anything to say for her will be short of words but here is the day when the heart with a beautiful soul, a good human being, passionate woman, my Bestie, my life and my love took birth.

She is the person who has that strong will power to pursue her dreams, fulfill them with her inner power and do whatever she wants to from her heart.

She is a beautiful writer, poet, singer and the best stylist – My fashion statement.

She is the Pakistani queen of Indian origin who will dress up like anything whatever style she take, from hairs to to her clothes from make up to the the whole dress, she will be the fashion statement and unique.

She is the person I never met before and will never meet as she is everything to me and the sweetest person on this earth.

Our coincidences list is very long , what she wants to say me il say to her before she says that and vice versa.

She will laugh, make fun and will be laughing like I cant express in words when she smiles, it’s awesome.
Vo ruk ruk ke Hasna break deke.. 😂😂😂😂 jokes apart.

vo edar udar ki baatein krni kabi kha ki kabi kisi ki ar har chij me Hasi ka part banna ar unki baaton ka.. we weer part of each other and eeverything we do . and abi bi aisa hi hai but its just about time and I know everything will be good with time.


She is the person who has that positive attitude in life to take the challenges and overcome them by becoming a winner.
Her creativity and intelligence will make her the best presenter on the stage.

She is the only person in the whole world with whom I can share anything and say anything , she will listen properly , get angry on me, will teach me and whatever she wants to do will do but the best thing and part is that she will be there with me in every situation and I know this.
She is always a helping hand to me and everyone 😊

To walk with her , to hold her hands, to talk to her is what makes me feel to the top of the world and whatever be the situation, I will be always there for her and standing with her for her.

I may be irritating to her right now because of the situation because the life has changed a lot as I am not there with her for the whole day as used to be, something’s have changed but I have not changed, I am her that Person with whom she fall in love and found a dream boy in me. I will be always there waiting for her because no one is like her and never be. We both are always together forever.  And I know she will be back soon.

She will be one of the best blogger, fashion statement and yes of course for me she is the best always .
And her dreams will also come true with time what she wants to be and dream of.

Missing that 8 months of BMSB where we were together for the whole day everytime wherever we go and whatever we do, sharing with each other each and everything , we did all that things together which best friends, mother father, children and good partners do.  Hope and wish that time will come soon after this tough time and i know it will be much better….

Right now also we are together just thodhi si misunderstanding ar situation aise hai bas. sab thikh ho jayega.

The only thing i can trust upon is her ..

Happy Birthday my dear Tweety Sweety Jerry silky Hasi my life and my everything 😊🍫🎂🎉😍..

Some memories for her –













13. (my first post because of you my sweetheart)

Cant live without you even a single moment, its meaningless.

Please forgive me for everything and come back, never leave me, your true love..img-20160214-wa003

A Jaded Bird

Its time which teaches you everything my dear. And its love which heals up everything. A Jaded Bird is ready to fly again like a strong and free bird who has enough courage to face the different situations and difficulties in life. Its just you have to believe in yourself and do the best in whatever situation you are. Never, Never and Never give up, be happy and enjoy every moment like never before. Just stay in touch with your interests along with anything you are doing in present. And thanks for writing a blog post. A great poet and Grateful heart. I know you are the best.
All the best.. May God bless you 🙂
Hasi be happy always. kEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND DO THE WORK.

Hasmeet Writes

Dusted feathers,

But a burning heart.

Life is yearning,

For a restart.

They Dictate,

And I hear.

Oh! How I wish,

To burst in tears.

It ain’t a debacle,

That’s for sure.

Then why do I feel,

My spirit’s tore

Had my eureka moment,

Embraced it warmly.

Sitting in a cubicle,

Waiting calmly.

Doing my bit,

But the door is nowhere.

That will fulfill,

My longstanding prayer.

One day,

I will brush my feathers.

Reach for heavens,

And live in a mellow weather.


H ❤

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