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Hi guys!!!   God, I missed blogging to death!! I had, literally, a lot going on. Like, seriously a lot on both the professional and the personal front. I had my hands full and hence chose to g…

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The Distant Freedom

When Hasmeet writes, we feel the freedom of reading the beautiful piece depicting the reality of life in the country, in the World all around. No one can change the thinking of people, it start with us and only us. If love can be spread all around, then freedom is no more distant, it’s very near. Thank you Hasi for writing this beautiful poem on this day.
Happy Independence Day.
Jai Hind 😊

Hasmeet Writes

I met a boy,

Distressed beyond words,

Crying relentlessly,

His appearance was shabby.

It was my curiosity,

That led me to him.

“Why are you crying?

O! Little child?”

At first he was a bit startled.

Looked at me straight in the eyes.

Then a weak voice came out,

“Nothing… It’s nothing.”

Now that I observed him,


I couldn’t let him cry,


So, I gained a bit of courage,

To ask this weeping, innocent child,

The cause of his distress.

This time, 

He was less wary of me.

Somehow, we both connected.

A feeble voice struggled to say,

“Baba is beating maa..”

And there I was,


My hand on his shoulders,

I was speechless.

I was grappling with words.

What do I say?

How do I console?

How do I tell this little soul,

What his father is doing,

Is awry, beyond words..?

This guy lives a…

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My Best friend, my everything – My wife Hasi (It’s all Magical)

I dont’ have words to express about her because every word will fall short for her, she is great 🙂

It’s all magical to tell how we suddenly met, suddenly started talking started going for morning walk, walk after dinner, discussing about each other, running for her when she is in pain, taking me for the breakfast when I am hungry since morning, going for shopping for the first time, missing each other like anything when she went to home for the first time, going to pick her from the airport and that journey,. the most beautiful part of the life and it’s all magical to say and believe that she being my friend will become my everything, my life, and my wife. She is like the person who I say the best and the most beautiful woman on this earth before she is evrything to me..

We both have seen many things together tin these 8 months and I know we will face, live together facing more things whatever it is happily for all the life being with each other in every moment.

The first thing she is to me is my best friend with whom I share each and everything, my sweet wife and my Tweety.

I love you the most meri Hasi, my sweetheart.

Thank you for everything and for being with me everytime in all the situations.

I promise that that il be with you in everything , fulfilling all your dreams, be with you in all your interests pursuing them, being part of them. Happy and Hasi.
Yours _____________ whatever you wanna say..

Deepanshu Maini
Doing, sharing and discussing each and everything together is just beautiful and awesome 🙂

I am not able to believe that my love, my wife is so beautiful and the best complete package ….