The Future Of Bank Of Baroda

When Hasmeet writes, it’s really something different and amazing.
It’s time for a change in the Banking sector, specially in Public sector banks.
A great transformation will take place in Banking sector and Bank of Baroda, when Barodians mind will be transformed after reading this article.
A beautiful article filled with innovations by a thinker, dreamer and achiever. And everyone needs to be like this for a growth.
Just a gist of future can be seen in the post.
Thanks Hasi for writing this on “Foundation day” of Bank of Baroda.😊👍✌

Hasmeet Writes

Today marks the 109th anniversary of Bank of Baroda. A lot has changed since then. Ledger books, a pile of registers, calculation wizards etc. have become obsolete. Today, we rely on just one thing, i.e. Finacle, our software that lets us do anything we are authorized to do. Life in banking is easy, just like a cakewalk.

We have revolutionized the way people use their banking services. We have ATM services, cash deposit machines, passbook printing machines, mobile banking, internet banking, electronic cheques etc. to point out a few. We are foraying into an era that is anything but free (time wise). People want everything in split-seconds. They’ve got Siri to guide them into anything they aspire to do. From buying a hamburger to booking a flight, Siri has got us all covered. Facebook is keeping the world connected with just one click. Twitter is letting us speak…

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