70’s Retro Queen

You are amazing and beautiful in whatever you wear and however you dress up. You are the real Fashion Statement.. Monday wait is over finally to see the post from favourite and my only Fashion blogger.. Great post and hats off to you …
God bless you and I wish you come up with some more interesting posts on Fashion and lifestyle..

Literally speaking, my life is hectic AF! I get up at 5:30-6 in the morning and sleep at around 11 p.m. In between it is nothing but hustle!

Seldom do I get time to let my hair down and dance! So, it was one of those rare occasions. I had a chance to go to a party last week. How could I say no to it??!!! But, the typical, girly me was excited for dressing up for the party and not the ACTUAL PARTY 😀

Months ago, I picked up this jumpsuit from Kazo. Believe me, my reaction was as if I have won a jackpot!!! The moment I entered the Kazo store, I saw it hanging and I grabbed on to it as if it was all I was looking for forever! In a matter of a few seconds, I zoomed into the try room and voila! It…

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