That Forbidden Land

Hasmeetwrites is the best example of love on this Earth in this Universe. Hasi, you have written a beautiful poem portraying the differences that have been created between love and humanity.
I love my Universe, love this earth, every part of it, every country and don’t have hatred towards anyone as humanity is still there. I know time will come only if we Humans want that to come where this hatred, differences are walled down, separation is destroyed…. Only its there in our hands. Hope and wish that Forbidden land is For the people with acceptance of anyone in the future.
Hats off to you my dear for writing this… Humanity is still there and you are the best example. I am really happy …….

Hasmeet Writes

Does this bird fly,

High in the sky,

In that forbidden land?

I wonder…

Children go to school.

Their bags stacked with books.

Mothers make breakfast.

In that forbidden land.

I wonder?

Did she marry,

The man of her dreams?

Did she go out,

To pursue her dreams?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?

Friends going on long drives.

Girls giggling in posh cafes.

Ladies gossiping on streets.

Does this happen for real?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder?

That forbidden land,

Have swathes of paddy fields.

Children sleeping on footpaths,

It also has a bunch of women,

Who set an example for humanity.

That forbidden land,

Have grandpas and grandmas,

Who tell bedtime stories,

To children just like ours.

Can I join them too?

Can I be a part of their dreams?

Can I not understand their feelings?

In that forbidden land,

I wonder…

Our history the same,


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