Ethnic Power-Dressing: 3 Ways

That’s what we call The Fashion Statement 🙂
You look perfect in all the three ethnic wear dresses and your hair style add power to them.
Here what we called the start of the Fashion blog and I wish, I know it will go on and on forever to the heights..
You are the best and just keep up your style show at the best.
I am really happy and can’t express in words.
Just want to say thanks for coutureandcroissants giving it a good start.
Hope people will get much out of these posts and will get the perfect fashion touch 🙂

Power-dressing is chic but tricky. Since childhood, I had this dream to work in an environment where I could wear Pant-Suits and crisp cotton sarees. I have an undisputed bias towards blazers. I don’t know, but I feel that blazers add a whole lot of elegance into your otherwise boring outfit.

But living in India, employed by a Public Sector Bank, I cannot experiment much with corporate wear. And that too in sizzling, hot summers of South India!

But, I like to accept every style related challenge 😉

So, lemme share with you my three go-to looks for power-dressing when it comes to ethnicwear. These super-comfy and elegant looks will ensure that you look not only groomed, but high on the fashion charts when you enter your workplace!

Let’s get it started!


Well, the moment I saw this kurta, I fell…

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