Breakfast At Cafe D’Hide!

A freshly discovered breakfast joint in Bengaluru gave rise to awesome croissants blog.
Just lovin’it 🙂
Wish you become a foodie in near future ….
All the best 🙂
Keep Going, travel and explore to discover and write some good foodie posts …..

I’m not a foodie! Nada!

But if there’s one thing that I die for each day, it has to be BREAKFAST!! Back home, I used to prepare my own breakfast; be it muesli, peanut butter sandwiches, pancakes, omelettes etc etc!! But alas! Good times don’t last, do they?

It so happened one fine Sunday morning that I was CRAVING for some ACTUAL BREAKFAST MEAL!

This small cafe at Koramangala, BengaluruCafe D’Hide was my savior. DSC_4323

Doesn’t it have a contemporary feel to it? I have been to this street a number of times and this cafe always stood out. But first we had to confirm if it served THE thing I was looking for. And yay!! Pancakes and peanut buttersandwiches were there!!!

But before we get to the tempting part, let’s look at its amazing decor.


And I would especially like you to concentrate on this wall clock…

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