Why Mothers Are Great

This is just awesome and it is as best as Our Mothers. Yes of course Mothers are great and we can feel her protection, love, cure, affection, and positive support in everything she do and speak to us 🙂
Thanks Hasi for writing this and it is lovely.
Hats off to our Mothers for their greatness that makes our life worth living ahead.. 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

So, in general, every mother is great. We can’t compare. But obviously, I have a little bias towards my mother because of the fact she gives me the best advice!

Why this sudden show of affection towards her? Well, last night I was a little agitated because someone said something very rude to me. I was complaining to her. But she said, “I’m gonna WhatsApp you a video. You are always complaining to me about others, worrying they criticized you, blasted at you etc. Do watch it.” And after that, she hung up the call.

And within no time, my phone beeped. It was that video. When I started listening to it, a whole lot of emotions started filling up my heart. I wanted to hug my mother. She never talks of revenge or lashing out at others, who did wrong to me. She always advise me to…

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How To Style Girlfriend Jeans!

Now this is what we called as Fashion and it’s just fabulous 🙂

Many Many Congratulations my dear Hasi on this start and Happy Anniversary to you fantastic Hasmeet Writes blog 🙂
I am really really happy today on seeing you with the start of this fashion and lifestyle blog 🙂 and yes the luckiest to be with you.
Finally the wait is over for me to see you with this start growing up to fulfill your interests.
And yes you have made the fantastic start my dear Fashion Statement.

That Water bottle from Germany 🙂 haha
That seems to be Master blaster stroke batting out there 🙂 haha

My Fashion statement – You have made it, finally today with the awesome post giving the startup push to the fashion and lifestyle blog 🙂

Whatever you wear whether it is any dress or whether it is any accessory or anything, the dress with beauty of you becomes beautiful and amazing. It’s not the dress but you The Fashion statement who wear it.
You are the only one who has to fulfill your dreams and grow up each and every moment to building up your interests with positivity.

I hope and wish that this fashion and lifestyle blog with your Life is but a dream blog of Hasmeet writes grow up each time and everyday with you being the best in writing.

One of the most happiest day of my life
Hasi – My Girlfriend Jeans 🙂

All the best and keep up the spirit 🙂

She Is Everything !!

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She is Everything to me

A Beautiful Woman who’s heart

Is as beautiful as she is,

My Fashion Statement, My Lifestyle

She is the sweetest person I have ever met.

A walk with her

is the best I had ever

When she hold my hands forever.


Her love is so true and most,

That she is already embedded in me as “Hasi”

it makes me love her more and more everyday,

And about her, I always have something to say.


She is my Prayer

Which  I always do

When I wake up and before I go to sleep,


She is an angel

I was not looking for anyone

But turned out to be everything

I was looking for.


She is the one whom I like

To see, Firstly on every morning

She is the voice which I like

To hear, Firstly on every morning.


She is my second, my time

She is my day, my night, my dreams

She is the weekend that is like

Should never end.


She is creative, she is the most passionate

My sweetheart who wants to

Live everyday on a new note

And who like to dress up for me each day

I like to capture her and her smile everyday

With always a new outfit

Each of which looks on her, the best


She is a photo in my wallet

She is a “Hasi” in me, on my body

She is my wife, my unborn children’s mother,

She is my best friend, soul mate who always

Sits beside me, talk to me freely about anything she wants

And For whom, me on my knees, can always wait.


She is everything to me and for me

Has become my life to live with and share

Happily moving as an adventurous journey by talking, walking, moving,

Outing, shopping, eating and roaming around everywhere

Together making each second and day a new remember able moment to live again.


She is my freedom

I want her to grow each day

With her strong will power and independence

And I’m always there besides her

To protect from bad ends.


But ,

She is very much angry right now,

And I can’t even disturb her by calls and messages

From her studies and sleep,

I can bear that pain at my back when she leaves me like that

But Very difficult and almost can’t live without her who has become my breath

Will never be complete without her

Il be waiting…………

Because she has promised to live the whole life

And also the every next birth with me ..


She is everything !!!!!

My inspiration, motivation, happiness,

My true love and life.