A Free Bird

Life is like a never ending ladder, you can’t stuck at one step and stop. You have to move on with smile on your face to the next step with a learning from the past and forgetting it.
And yes I think Happiness is always there around, one has to find it.
Be happy to be with happy now.
Hasi this is lovely 🙂
Hope to see you like this only always on a positive note 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

No, I won’t return,
To the past that was distressing.
I’m like a free bird,
No, I won’t let in what’s upsetting.

Future seems good,
The time has set in.
Opportunities knocking,
My face has got a slight grin.

Why would I let you,
Bother me with your thoughts?
You’ve done enough damage,
You can gladly rot!!

I have no grudges,
I’ll forget the bad times.
I keep wondering ‘what’s next?’,
I can hear the happy chimes!

I’ll forever cherish the good,
The times that won’t return.
But I can’t be stuck there always,
Happy times awaiting, I can discern.


H ❤

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