When It’s Meant To Be

When it’s meant to be, it will be 🙂
Hasi – You have given a wonderful description of an incident that happened.
Life is a journey with ups and down, but with that down journey, Love with positive hope will again make you take the up road of the journey in life. God has that power to do anything and is always there with everyone specially with the true people who don’t lie to themselves. Power is a form of energy and God has the strongest power to balance the all negative energy in life with the positive one 🙂
Great Experience. This experience has all miracle, coincidence, and our belief .
Thanks a lot.. :*

Hasmeet Writes

They say, when it’s meant to be. I haven’t felt so connected to God in a long time. Life is mysterious, mischievous sometimes. How this universe conspires to make us do, or take us to somewhere, is just unbelievable sometimes!

Sounds vague, eh? Well, lemme narrate a small incident to make it more clear.

Past one week was literally a torture. Mishaps, and not just teeny-tiny ones, but big ones were making my heart cringe. Last Sunday, I was all alone in my room. I had this thought, this feeling that I should go to a temple. Any temple for that matter. But I had this strong urge to go to a temple. Maybe my migraine was troubling me or I dunno what. Temple seemed to be the only resort. So yeah, temple. But I didn’t have anybody to accompany me.

The very next day, something bad happened. This though…

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