A World With No Boundaries

A short poem with a beautiful meaning in it. You don’t need to feel envied. You have that power within you to create a unrestricted boundary around you and fly high in the air with a smile on your face and with full freedom. You just need to believe in yourself and be positive about everything happening around to break the chains, coming out enjoying it.
Hats off when hasmeet writes..
Hasi :*

Hasmeet Writes

Oh! How I envy,
The freedom of birds.
There is no restriction on their entry,
Scaling different parts of this world.

Oh! How I envy,
The wind that blows.
It can create a lot of frenzy,
But it does not have any friends or foes!

Oh! How I envy,
The vast ocean.
It contains life in it a plenty,
And causes a lot of commotion.

The birds, the wind, the ocean,
Have one thing in common.
They don’t have this notion,
‘Traverse the world with caution’.

A world with no boundaries,
Why ain’t it a reality?
Just look at your surroundings,
Visiting nature is bound with legalities…

Why can’t I visit the forbidden lands,
Where fruits and flowers grow?
Why do I have to obey your commands,
Why can’t I cruise to and fro?


H ❤

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