Gateway To Happiness

Life has both sides same as a coin has, it’s you what you wanna choose while tossing a step ahead and what you choose is what you see. Seeing with a positive sign within you always powers you with hope of light. A When Hasi writes, it’s always give a positive push, inspirational ray from the beautiful posts of her experiences and life 🙂
Awesome post.. Hats off my dear.

Hasmeet Writes

How bright is life? I often think of it and then after much self-questioning, I reach at no conclusion. Nada!

What is it that makes this world so bright and yet, our minds are full of darkness? As I see now, from the window of my room, a lone tree, standing in all its glory, its leaves shining bright, full of hope, and yet, the concrete against this mighty tree speaks of the harsh reality of life.

This gloomy world that we have all created around ourselves, is crying out loud to let it die! Let it bury peacefully under the blanket of extreme optimism and then let it extinguish, forever. All gone.

Is it possible? Is it really possible? I say, YES! Think of the first sad thought that crosses your mind. What is it? Now think of the first happy thought that crosses your mind. Accept it fully…

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