No Love is Greater than Mom’s Love 🙂
There is nothing like Mama’s hug..
And whatever you write is like a poem to your mother whoch flows from one heart to another heart ..
Hasi – It’s awesome and beautiful.. (Mama Calling)

Hasmeet Writes

And here I was,
Lying sick in my bed,
Desperate for your love,
The care,
Which I longed for,
And mama,
Here you are..

Your voice is enough,
To decimate,
The deadliest of diseases,
That will ever touch my body.
Ain’t nobody,
Got the power,
To rule this heart,
The way you do.

Your one hug,
Is enough for me,
To scale heights.
You are my strength.
Your absence will not discourage me.
You are my shadow,
Always beside me.

These tears speak volume,
Of the love that I’m blessed with.
Your love,
Unmatched for..
My heart beats,
And it’s you,
Only you..
There’s no life beyond you..



H ❤

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