A Canvas

“Never Give Up.
Trying to do What You really want to do.
Where there is Love and Inspiration,
You cannot go wrong ”
A Hope of light can make you grow stronger and brighter if you are ready to accept it in a positive way overcoming the negativity of past and looking for a better and great future.
All the best. Someone is always there with you at every step in your decision and in yourself 🙂
Hasmeet – A Wordsmith 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

Consider me like a canvas,
Dirt and filth strewn all over.
A ray of sunlight,
Failed to overshadow,
The mess that I was!

A path,
Less trodden.
Leaves of autumn trees,
Piled up.
Sickened, my journey was!

A body,
Suppressed with every possible disease.
Cold, butchered, burdened.
Devastated, every aspect was!

Then, one day,
Came a blinding light.
My lifeless body,
Felt the warmth of it.
My pale face became a replica of a rose petal.
The canvas that was,
Carrying a burden of past,
Was now shining,
In bright, cheerful colors!

Sunlight brought with it,
A smiling face.
Looking me straight in the eyes,
Bringing in all the good,
This world has ever seen.

Nights are even more brighter.
Sleep is soothing,
Just like an infant’s.

Full of future.
An ambitious, hopeful future!

Have a look!
Just have a look,
At my canvas,
To replicate the same…

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