Life is always beautiful when you stop seeing others and see within yourself. If you see yourself, you can always analyse, learn from your mistakes and move ahead, which make you stronger to live your life in a right way growing with happiness.
You are blessed with so much power that can change the whole world as you perceive it. Don’t see around but look within yourself and above as you said, throw out the negativity, build up your positive energy so much that when you see around, you are there always with a smile and a helping hand 🙂
When Hasmeet writes, we always get a positive strong vibe to step up and move in life with Hasi 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

I see around,
And find emptiness.
Look above,
And see,
A hope,
Some dreams,
I look within,
And see,
A world.
A perfect world,
Where lies swathes of creativity,
Ideas that can change the world.
I look at the fluttering leaves,
All hues of green.
Soothes my eyes,
And my mind.
How wonderful Mother Nature is!
Contains in it,
Answer to every problem.
This world seems like,
A magical place.
Sky is, definitely, the limit!
This world is just a perception.
True world lies in me,
In my mind,
In my heart,
Which can erase,
Every single ounce of doubt,
Every possible sorrow.
I dwell deep,
In this world.
What a blessing!



H ❤

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