Your Belief in God and in yourself will always show the path taking you of the hardships going through. He is the only reason you here and I am here. He is watching,we have to do our work in present truthfully and move ahead. He will guide us always.
Poem is just Awesome 🙂
When Hasi writes, I just like to make a dive into it 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

Her love was like seasons, changed frequently. He said these words and a part of her died.. Ever seen a volcano erupt? Her heart was devastated, like a volcano washes away the existence of life, when she heard him accusing her purest feelings for him.. The reverence she had for him was questioned. He’s gone.. Gone far away.. And even though she was hurt, she still wants to go where he went. Her heart longs for the path where his feet touched the ground. She yearns for his shadow. His breath in this air is like a sole purpose for her existence. She is dying each day because of him, but he is the reason she is alive.. Tell this girl not to wish for what isn’t meant to be.. But she will ask you, ” Have you ever stopped believing in God because you faced a few hardships?”. He…

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