Things I Miss About Ludhiana

Nothing is monstrous as such like, it’s upto how you see and take it. Since yo are out of home for the first time, it’s like that 🙂 Soon everything will be fine and good, And One Day you will say, that everything happen for the betterment and yes coming to Bangalore for the first time out of home will benefit you in future for sure 🙂
Be Happy, Keep Smiling 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

It has been a little more than two weeks since I moved to Bangalore and I still can’t adjust to the fact that I have left home… Each second reminds me of the trauma of surviving another nine months in this monstrous city. There’s only one thing that’s on my mind 24/7- I’M HOMESICK!!!!

So, what do I really miss about Ludhiana? Jotting down some of the reasons..

  1. MUM!! Obviously. She’s the love of my life. And all I can think about in this filthy place is about her. I have been sick for about a week and I don’t wanna go to the doctor because I’ve never been to one without mum by my side.. I miss having my evening tea with her.. I miss her knocking at my door, asking me to eat this or that.. I miss listening to old Bollywood songs with her.. I…

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