Deeply Happy

Hasmeet has written this with full of happiness and expressed in her writing everything she is going through by such a beautiful poem. Actually you only is the reason for your happiness and God just give you the way, you have to work upon it and move ahead. Now Hasmeet writes something which is expressing her properly that shows she is living her life in the way she wants to be 🙂
Really awesome.

Hasmeet Writes

Like anything.
O heart!
You gotta stop!!

A slight curve,
On my sullen face.
What kind of drug is it?
I wonder!!

Sleepless nights,
Refreshing days.
Every second a bliss,
Amidst this absolute abyss!

Worry has hidden itself,
Deep under a seabed.
I’ve bid it goodbye.
Life is again oh so bright!

Just when my dreams,
Looked like thwarted efforts.
I rose, not by myself,
But, by an angel,



H ❤

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