I Smile

Yes!! You smile and keep on smiling because that can act as a blessing for others too. 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

I think ,
Think of a world,
That is imperfect.
Where is the pain?
The cries?
I exclaim,
My world is totally perfect.

Are you here?
But are you HERE?
Absolutely yes!
This commotion,
The constant screaming,
Why is everything else,
So ineffective?

Our daily fights,
The bickering,
Should have,
A negative impact.
But, my love,
Your love has no limit.
I smile,
I smile all the time.
And that is because,
You are forever engraved in my life!

And, I blush!
Yes, I do!
I am helpless.
My life is far away from distress!
Every second is a blessing.
Every breath a delight.
I smile.
I smile.
Thank you for being in my life!!



H ❤

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