The Power In You!

Th Power in you by expressing yourself through writing mak you and others happy. So, keep on writing these wonderful expresso making one better with it. Keep shining and keep writing 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

“You wear too much makeup!”. “You always wear these twisted updos. How much time do you take to get ready?”. “What does she know about politics?”.

Well, these are some of the comments I come across, daily. There was a point in the past (recent past) where I thought of myself as a snob! I was perceived as this overly-dressed, vain girl, who was least bothered about anything else, but her. And of course, I started questioning myself.

I questioned the way I was looking at how my life will work out. I was questioning at my ideals. I was questioning at my goals, which I was proud of! This whole negativity totally changed my optimistic, lovable self to a weak, intimidated girl.

But then life is a but a roller-coaster! Right? My ideals of love and gratitude were there in my heart, but now it was time to be…

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