A Caged Bird

Life is yours, freedom is yours
Come out of that virtual cage
And fly 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

Towering walls,
And I feel caged.

Heart is bound,
Nowhere to be found,
And I feel caged.

I look out of the window,
See a pigeon flying,
Leaves on the tree fluttering,
But, when I look inside,
I realise the emptiness,
Of this jail.
Mind and heart,
Not side by side,
I feel caged.

On the roads,
I see cars,
Families going on trips.
Hatred, jealousy all around.
Trust has lost its meaning.
Puppets of this cruel world,
Brutalising each other’s minds.
I feel caged.

Am I the last one to realise,
That this world is all fake?
Love and gratitude,
Are just two words in the dictionary.
Heart is losing passion.
I feel helpless.
Save me!!
Kindly save me!
I feel utterly caged!

Did I make the right choice?
Why did I rejoice?
When I chose to go by,
The way I had let go,

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