You Are Here

Just Awesome Hasi..
You are here finally 🙂
I am not bound to you but you are always there with me all the time. I can feel it all the time.

Hasmeet Writes

Isn’t it strange?
Far away,
And still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?

This place is unfamiliar,
Negativity all around
And still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?

I dress up,
I dress down,
All for you.

Miles apart,
Hearts apart,
And still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?

My decisions,
My emotions,
Are all bound to you.

This face lits up,
With a single thought of you.
And still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here?

These tears wash away,
The bitter words we said,
But will never wipe out,
The distance,
That has set into our lives.

I breathe,
You’re nowhere.
But still wondering,
Why I feel you’re here? ❤



H ❤

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Things I Miss About Ludhiana

Nothing is monstrous as such like, it’s upto how you see and take it. Since yo are out of home for the first time, it’s like that 🙂 Soon everything will be fine and good, And One Day you will say, that everything happen for the betterment and yes coming to Bangalore for the first time out of home will benefit you in future for sure 🙂
Be Happy, Keep Smiling 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

It has been a little more than two weeks since I moved to Bangalore and I still can’t adjust to the fact that I have left home… Each second reminds me of the trauma of surviving another nine months in this monstrous city. There’s only one thing that’s on my mind 24/7- I’M HOMESICK!!!!

So, what do I really miss about Ludhiana? Jotting down some of the reasons..

  1. MUM!! Obviously. She’s the love of my life. And all I can think about in this filthy place is about her. I have been sick for about a week and I don’t wanna go to the doctor because I’ve never been to one without mum by my side.. I miss having my evening tea with her.. I miss her knocking at my door, asking me to eat this or that.. I miss listening to old Bollywood songs with her.. I…

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I am Waiting – “The Hindu”

There is one small but very very special and important memory of few days back which I wanted share here and express myself 🙂

On 22nd Jan, her last day before she flew back to her home town “Ludhiana I wanted to seat with her for the whole day and yes that Happened which I am missing from last 1 week 🙂 It was as usual one of our lecture from all the subjects in which she came out from our group and joined my group and I was really happy at that time, and so this time also, she sat with me in my group 🙂 I used to sleep and get bored as she also used to be in that lecture in her group but from the day we started together in the group, and specially on that day, that lecture, we both don’t know how it went away, the whole time, as if we need to more time to sit like that, yes of course me wanted that 🙂 because I was going to miss her for the next whole week..

We were talking, and talking by writing in the newspaper and notebook. It was really interesting and memorable sitting in front of lecturer and talking like that to each other 🙂

These are the texts written by her and me on the newspaper (The text written with pencil is her handwritten handwritten and with pen by me).

A Small shayari for her 🙂

That’s her heart 🙂

She says ” I am Mad”

We were just smiling looking into all these and at each other and seriously for me whenever she is there with me, I forget everything else around me because “She is Like a Whole World for me” as my Mom, Dad and Sis 🙂

She always look beautiful but on that day, she was looking damn good with that top, pallazo and wedges 🙂 I am just Lov’in it. And at that time I wrote some 4 lines for her depicting her presence. It is really funny but she smiled seeing that, I just always want to smile on her face 🙂

Proper Patola 🙂

I told her that I want to share, don’t wanna hide anything from her when she will be back, but she was like she wants to know everything now and today 🙂 haha, she is just awesome.

See these –

She is a complete package – My Mam 🙂
She is ziddi but I like each and every character of her, whatever she speaks and she do 🙂

She said me – It Hate You and she always says like that but I love that also 🙂 and see what I made out of that I Hate You –

Whatever she says – I Love that 🙂

That was really funny which happened on that day and it again came into our mind when I wrote that above.

I was booking cab for her as she has to leave for the Airport on the next day and while calling this happend –

Actually I saved her family contacts in my mobile few days before when we went for an outing, our first and beautiful outing together 🙂 but forgot to save her Dad’s number and I also took cab driver number on the same day for booking the cab in future and I didn’t save that also. I called on that unknown number dialled by me on that day – That was a big mistake converted into funny incident and yes I felt bad too at that time because because my mistake because I never thought of talking her Dad like that.

I called and her Dad picked up the call.

Me – Hello!! Uber se bol rahe hai aap

Her Dad – Nahi, Aap kaun bol rahe hai.

Me – Aap Uber se bol rhe hai.

She was putting her words from background and joking – Nahi “Upper” se bol rahe hai. Haha 🙂

Her Dad – Lundhiana se bol rahe hai, Uber se nahi 🙂 haha

I was just stunned at that time hearing that word – Ludhiana her home town and got the feeling Pucca Dad ko lag gya call 🙂 haha

I was like – Ab to gya and hearing that ludhiana word, I immediately cut the call and confirmed that number from her. She said – Its Papa mobile number. Ohh noo

I said I will call him again and will say sorry for this mistake..

She said, she will call and I said I will call, it was happening like this for 2-3 minutes and finally I called Dad and said – Hello!! Satsriakal Uncle Ji. Sorry Uncle Ji, cab book kare rhe the, galti se apko lag gya, He is so cool and replied – Koi ni Beta, karo ji karo 🙂

I can’t forget that Friday 22nd Jan 2016 Because of all these moments happened on the front page  ” The Hindu” and the yes of course she wrote A very beautiful Poem out of her happiness which was the most special moment of the day – I can’t believe that she wrote in 5 minutes of max time sitting beside me, A Poem which I will always remember an is embedded in heart – Which is She – My Love 🙂

I just controlled my tears coming ou in the class and didn’t tell her about that – I am going miss her a lot and I was indulging her till the next day each and every time in one or the other talks so that Her mood is good and she keeps on smling but as she just sat in the flight, and plane took off, I was not able to control, and that poem was there in mind all the time thinking about her, and told her to post it as soon as possible depicting depicting her happiness 🙂

This is the poem she wrote on that Day and that is just awesome because She is awesome and ” A Beautiful Fashion Statement ” 🙂


I really love this poem 🙂
I call her – “Hasi” as I always want a smile on her face

“Hasi” in Hindi means ” A Big smile on face” 🙂

I waiting for her and These things to be back soon 🙂

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Immortal Baba and The Mango Tree

As Baba is immortal and wasn’t an ordinary man, This is when Hasmeet Writes – It is never an ordinary post described with her full on expressions showing, depicting her passion for writing and interests. Bravery lies within and her love is expressed in the writings 🙂
Jai Hind Hasi.

Hasmeet Writes

She grew up in the same home where her baba (father) took his first steps. She would always sit beside her daadi (grandmother) to listen to the amusing tales of her baba‘s childhood. Once, baba saw some kids plucking mangoes from the tree at their backyard. The kids were wearing shabby, torn clothes. Baba knew that if his dad came to know about these kids, he would beat them with his big brown stick. The kids were being noisy. So baba, who was taller than those kids, climbed the mango tree himself and plucked all the mangoes that were hanging on that tree. Those kids were elated and thanked baba. Once, baba was beaten up at school for not doing his homework. His classmates made fun of the teacher who had beaten baba. But baba was considerate enough to know that this teacher was his well-wisher and…

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The Heaviest Coffins

Actually and on a serious note, Child’s demise is most saddening and it’s heaviest being small coffin.
Hasmeet writes her feelings as it happened in reality which gives a deep touched never ending memory and feelings.
Hats off to you Hasi 🙂

Hasmeet Writes

16 December, 2014. 6:35 a.m. Peshawar, Pakistan

Ammi, today I need,

Biryani in my lunch box.

Fizza will bring korma,

And we’ll have a feast.

Did you pack my,

Mathematics notebook?

Because today,

We will finish the syllabus.

Exams are approaching,

Class tests will be hectic.

I need to buy a reference book,

for Social Science, too.

16 December, 2014. 7:00 a.m. Peshawar, Pakistan.

Ammi, I am going.

Keep my red salwar-kameez ready.

I want to look like Humaima,

At Zehra khala‘s party, this evening.

16 December, 2014. 5:10 p.m. Peshawar, Pakistan.

Ammi, I didn’t even get to taste,

The yummy biryani that you made.

They shot at me, relentlessly.

I bled the color of my red dress…

But, Ammi, don’t cry…

Just hold me in your arms..

I want to sleep deeply…

Bid me a warm goodbye.. PLEASE


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A Walk To Remember

Everyone has something or someone special in his or her life, but my life has become special to be with someone. So, I want to tell and express a part of life which is special and very exciting – “A Walk to Remember”.

It was the small & brief walk of 2 days to remember but it has become a big part and wonderful memory of my life which will remain in heart and mind forever. Actually the story started on a different note from last few days just before this walk and I will try my best to express that soon through the post on this blog. But let me express this first very special moment of my life.

There is a girl in my class whom I know but didn’t talk much before because of some hesitation or I actually didn’t know that about the feeling which I had and have to talk to her. As, I am talkative and don’t hesitate to talk to anyone anywhere.  A night before the first day of walk was the day when we were talking on what’s app group and were chatting, joking in a funny way to each other without caring about anyone in the group. It was very casual and I didn’t take it seriously and here it all started conversation about the walk. It continued for sometime but after a long funny conversation on a group, finally there was a message on a serious note beyond jokes that “She is pucca coming for a walk” next morning sharp at 6.00 am without any doubt. I was just stunned, excited, shocked about the same with a smile on my face and was happy to get up for a walk. I went to bed on time after a talk, was tired and slept with excitement that I am going with someone special next morning for a walk. I putted up the alarm for next morning and it was happy feeling to get up early morning after a long time on a walk and yes specially with her. So, the alarm was ringing at 6.00 am, it was unbelievable for me to wake up with first alarm early morning and that too after a long time. So, it was 6.00 am and I have to believe it without any further delay and doubt. But  again there was some thought in mind as she woke up or not and she will be coming or not besides the fact that heart was ringing and beating with full confidence of “Yes she will come” & I don’t know why.  My heart was beating for someone and mind was thinking for someone as I always used to think that I am heartless due to my past experiences and I am never able to express my feelings, myself properly hiding from others except the happiness and making others happy. But, let see that I am able to express here now.

So, I got fresh up by 6.15 and I called her, got a reply that she is coming in just 15 min downstairs. I was waiting in the room and was seeing from my window outside to the other side as she has come or not. Then, I went out and saw that she was there, got a smile on my face:). So, from here all that started is “A walk to Remember”.

As we started walking, I asked her that does she want my cap, and Is she not feeling chilly as it was cold breeze and weather in the morning but she replied that – No, she is ok and feeling good like it.

So, as we were walking, “talk while walk started”. The first thing in my mind came was why she has suddenly decided for a walk in the morning. I asked her and got a reply that she likes that, she does not like to walk alone but got someone to walk with her. And I felt good hearing all that. We were taking whole round of the campus and it was good adventure to explore every part of it as never before from last 1 month. Then, talks shifted to the interest and hobbies and from there I got to know what she is and what she wants to be. It was a great feeling to know someone who is special to you and specially their interests. I say her as a Fashion ate person who is very much passionate about fashion and yes talking about other side of her, she likes to write (I will not say much about it here), also has interest in talks on politics with good knowledge on economy. She is really interesting and I was really lost in here words, voice and everything she was talking about, was feeling to hear more and more. And we didn’t come to know when the time strike 7.00 am, I asked her that it is 7.00 am and you would have to go to get ready for the college. And she said, Yes I have to be there by 7.00 and start getting ready. This time goes on so fast when someone you like is beside you walking, sitting and talking to you. On the first day of walk, I didn’t talk much about myself and was talking about her and interests. There was a sunrise in between of the walk and I did Surya Namaskar, was fantastic and amazing after a long time. She was saying that she used to do that with proper yoga – Surya Namaskar. I was really happy to hear to about her as an add on and was like she is a complete package to know about her which I was missing without talking to her and without knowing her. Just a thing beside all these I forgot to tell, she was wearing a Manchester United Jacket and I am big big fan of Manchester United 🙂

I was not feeling to go back but as she want to go and get ready, we were done for the day and said good bye, see you soon in the college. I came back to room and went straight away to bed with full happiness which I can’t express in words. And slept again for sometime. The whole day passed away as usual in the college with always an excitement to go for a walk on the second day and it was like Now I am doing something for someone and for myself and I have something to do in life, some reason away from that boring and monotonous life of waking up late in the morning, sleeping late in the night. Now it is like I have started living my life with new and strong determination in it. It happens when God sends someone special to teach you and rejuvenate you from your past to again take a step forward and live it. Now, again the night just before the second day of walk was something more exciting with a text message that yes we are going tomorrow morning again for the walk. After Good night, I put the alarm on and went to the bed to get ready for the next day. Again, the same, me and she woke up for the walk, I called her and she said that she is sitting there at the security guard table and can’t come before 6.30 am because they were not allowing them, before that I was searching for her looking around here and there J . I was waiting when clock will strike 6.30 am and she will come for a walk. And finally she came and we started walking with a smile on my and her face :). On the second day, talk started on her note and I was always excited to know more about her and I don’t know, I feel good when she speaks. Today, it was all about Ludhiana, her parents, brother and family. She spoke about her college and graduation. I was again lost in her talks and didn’t want to come out of that. I spoke about myself and life something or the other but I don’t remember much of it as whenever I think and give a thought to anything, only her face and talks come into my mind, nothing elseJ. With the sunrise in the middle of the walk, it was a feeling for me that a new ray of light in form of positivity and hope is being thrown over us :). When the time went away and again when that 7 am strike in the watch, I said its 7 and she didn’t come to know. I felt like no don’t want to go back but no other choice, something has to end up today to come up again tomorrow with something better and best. It was a time for Good bye and see you soon. We both had that smile of hope to meet tomorrow for a walkJ. We were very happy that day and didn’t know how the whole day went away in the college seeing her in the class and thinking about the walk, I just had a smile and went to sit with her:). But I don’t know why it happened and what was that when I was sitting in the food court at evening time, there was a meeting for all the girls to assemble there for something and the conclusion of the meeting was something heart breaking as no girl and boy will be allowed to walk and sit together in the campus. And the thing was that she didn’t know about all that whatever happened in the meeting. After the dinner, I messaged her that today was the last walk for us, she was like why? And she didn’t knew about that, I told her about the meeting and conclusion but she was not able to believe that and was like no no its not like that, let me confirm that from someone and she came back with a reply that yes we cannot go for a walk now. I felt sad about it and was talking to her but then just before going for a sleep, I saw my alarm list and was going to switch on the alarm of 6.15 and 6.30 with the change in the name of the Alarm. I putted the Alarm name as “A Walk to Remember” so that whenever I will wake up in the morning at that time, I will remember that two days of walk and talks of both of us, that lovely time spent will come in front of my eyes always till now when I am writing this 🙂 and I can’t forget it never ever.

I hope “A walk to remember” will become “A walk again with her” 🙂


Waiting for her 🙂