Sorry Neighbor.

Its a beautiful piece that should be spread all over the two nations so that they understand. Actually, politics play the role apart and common people, soldiers have to face the consequences. Instead of celebrating the independence for both the nations on two separate days, we should spread love and love across both the nations. Its very difficult to make these two nations “One” but atleast we can try and take a step to “Sorry” each other being neighbors for all the bad doings and live happily.

Hasmeet Writes


If I may,


I have been,

A devil in disguise.

Oh what ‘Aman ki Asha’?

What peace,

If I may ask?

My fellow countrymen,

A fallacy in which they bask..

I have killed love,


and every beautiful feeling.

I know hate,


And why would I even conceal it?

Forget about a country,

Forget about a state.

The street that I live in,

There are many people I hate.

I may,

If I want to,

Wear a mask of love.

But really I’m a villain,

Benevolence, I don’t speak of!

And why,

Why on earth will I be ashamed?

And critical of myself?

Aren’t we all in this together?

How well we repel!

And teaching hatred,

To our kids.

Doesn’t sound so filthy.

“He did first, then I did”,

We find it healthy!

And isn’t this,

What’s going on?

From the past 70 years?

Blaming each…

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Romance of Subtlety- The Blush Room

What is beauty without flaws anyways? “Boring!”.

Flaws are what make you, YOU! And what better way to make them your own? Well, put on some makeup and let ’em shine. Let the world see, the real you. I may sound like a lunatic. Makeup highlights flaws?!! Well, yeah! Duh!

Makeup doesn’t always need to be ‘a cakey piece of sh*t’. It should be something that brings out the beauty, the rhythm and the flaws which so coherently conjoin to make you, the real YOU!

Well, I happened to meet someone who really changed my vision about makeup as an art. She not only made me fall in love with myself, but also let me be me. I’m talking about the newest and the most flamboyant of ’em all, Mehak Makhija, the woman behind the-soon-to-be-an-extravagant-brand, The Blush Room!


The pictures are a proof already of her unmatched talent…

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The Urban Indigo Tribe

Some say street style, some say Audrey Hepburn. But for me, my style is a mix of Audrey and Blake Lively. Or, as many of you would like, a mix of Blair Waldorf and Serena Vanderwoodsen. 

There’s an uncanny charm in the mysticism of my very confusing style. I like to keep it sassy, yet feminine, yet boho and yet comfy. It’s true, as Beyonce once said, “Pretty hurts!”, but I keep that pain of fashion for only the most special of occasions. Rest of the days, I’m all about comfort.

FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (13)

This chic indigo blue is what adds to the charm of the whole outfit and yet keeps it understated. And the stark contrast are the earrings which I’m currently in love with. Doesn’t the indigo of my outfit and the greenery behind makes ‘a Wordworth worthy’ poetry? It’s astounding how colors can really light up your life. 

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (15)

I chose…

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